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Love this show!

These are important conversations. I love the host and she has the best guests!

So genuine and fun!

I’ve loved following Natalie on her journey so far. And the Here for More Podcast has given me so many great ideas, tips, and info on how to live a more sustainable and adventure filled life! Natalie and her husband are so easy to listen and learn from. So positive too :)


Natalie has done such a great job with this show!! She presents such interesting and relatable topics while also opening up about herself and her life in a way that makes you feel like you’ve known her your whole life. 10/10 would recommend!!


Natalie is so good at what she does. Always a thoughtful approach to every situation and conversation bring out the best in her guests and in me! So excited to continue listening to the Here For More Podcast!! 😍

Relevant, thought provoking, and honest

I really enjoy this podcast by Natalie. First, she has a very soothing voice. Enthusiastic but not aggressively chipper 😊 The content of the podcasts are phenomenal. Natalie presents difficult concepts and breaks them down so they are easy to understand. Will be listening more! Keep up the great work! You definitely have reached me✨


Natalie’s new podcast is a breath of fresh air and raw! This is not just another self-help podcast, its a Movement and a Revolution! Here For More inspires and moves you to want to accomplish your dreams and aspirations! Plus Natalie has the voice of a natural podcaster ❣️😍 make sure to check it out! Xoxo ~ Delicia

Simplicity at its best

Natalie reminds us to look at all areas in our life & around us with simplicity & positivity. We (I) tend to get bogged down with schedules & to-do lists. This podcast helps me to tune in & turn off other things that don’t matter as much. Prioritize. Thank you for your positive energy (especially at a time like this) & reminding us all to be more grateful!🙏I look forward to tuning in to hear more!!

Absolutely Grateful For this Podcast

Natalie is bright, passionate, and a pleasure to listen to on my morning walks. Her 19 days of gratitude is a fantastic way to bring to life her visions. I can tell this is only the beginning of something great!


Natalie’s quick bites provide the perfect food for thought on a daily basis. I suggest listening in the morning as you’re starting your day so you can really have a conversation with yourself about the content. Thank you Natalie for the premium content!!


With a unique mindset, Natalie is perfectly poised to lead us into living our best lives!!! Yes!!!