June 28, 2021

56: Learning To Trust Your Intuition, with Alexandra Wood

Maybe people’s opinions are less about you and more about them…  Join Natalie Kraus with Alexandra Wood as they chat about wellness, yoga, and sustainability. Alexandra decided to make a change for herself, but people’s opinions gave her...

Maybe people’s opinions are less about you and more about them… 

Join Natalie Kraus with Alexandra Wood as they chat about wellness, yoga, and sustainability. Alexandra decided to make a change for herself, but people’s opinions gave her doubts. After a lot of thinking, she learned how to follow her heart’s desires and block herself from what others say. In this episode, Alexandra gives the importance of trusting intuition and checking oneself from time to time.

Trust Your Instincts

Alexandra used to ask others’ opinions and let those influence her. After some time, she noticed that what people think was not in line with what she wanted. Most of the views were discouraging her from trying. They do not understand her vision and perception of doing something out of her comfort zone. Because of this, Alexandra stopped asking people their thoughts on what she wants to do and left all the thinking to herself. Alexandra now lives her life according to her liking. She would not have done it if she listened to what other people said about it. Everyone has a different point of view of things. That is why doing what is best for yourself is the best thing to follow. The same goals can be achieved in different ways, and you get to decide on how to get there. Taking advice is a good thing, but it should make you feel at ease and not regret your decision.

Living Intentionally and Sustainably

Back in the day, Alexandra had so much stuff as a consequence of consumerism and trends. She realized that it was ridiculous, so she donated most of her belongings until she was left with a few. Alexandra began to embrace the minimalist lifestyle when she moved to New York. She was also dedicated to eliminating her plastic waste to zero. Having to live by the ocean made her appreciate nature which even kept her determination to the cause. Sustainability is hard to achieve, though, when consumerism is just around the corner. Alexandra had to be creative to prevent herself from buying unnecessary products. Sustainability has become a trend nowadays that many companies try to take advantage of it using their products. Alexandra is now focused on sharing her knowledge on living sustainably and saving money at the same time. Intentional living is about looking at ideas as to how you can live with the environment better. Doing so has a positive effect not only on you but also on society and nature.

About Alexandra Wood:

Alexandra Wood is a multi-faceted female creator and entrepreneur who finds inspiration through life experiences and the beauty that planet earth has to offer. She created the space back in 2017, at a time when she was a full-time yoga instructor, newly navigating her way in the industry to find a deeper connection with a community and be a wellness resource. Over the years, Alexandra’s perspective on wellness and her work has evolved in many ways. Through experience and practice, she understands that wellness is not one-way-fits-all, and every living being is unique. 

Alexandra believes that health should be defined as living your life to its fullest potential. Physical and mental health are deeply intertwined, and wellness should be viewed from a “whole” perspective. Green smoothies and face masks are cool and all, but wellness is so much more and sacred. 

As she journey through life, Alexandra aspires to live authentically and create connection by sharing the beauty of vulnerability. Everyone is a human navigating the way through the journey of life, and she is excited to be here sharing her story with you.


Outline of the Episode:

[04:29] Moving across the country, and eventually embracing the van life

[08:27] Thought process of making big decisions

[12:02] A look into Alexandra’s entrepreneurship journey

[15:56] Encountering opinions and concerns about stability and security

[20:22] Advice on how to keep striving for life pursuits

[21:54] What does balance look in Alexandra’s perspective

[23:55] The importance of sustainability and intentional living

[29:47] How Alexandra balances her guilt in terms of unintentionally using plastic

[33:12] Reality check: van life minus the Pinterest-worthy vibe

[39:33] Alexandra’s biggest gain out of everything she went through



Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/__alexandrawood/

Website: https://alexandrawood.co/


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